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Corporate Wellness Advisors: Physical Therapy Services

We help to restore movement, balance, and strength for busy professionals and executives by providing one one one Physical Therapy sessions at your home, gym, or office.

At Corporate Wellness Advisors, we saw a need to provide high-quality Physical Therapy outside of the traditional clinic.

We also believe in personalized care to get you better, faster.

Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Tim Fraticelli and I believe in getting my patients better faster and equipping them with the tools they need to meet their movement, strength, and balance goals.

I deliver mobile Physical Therapy Services from the comfort and convenience of your mid-Michigan home or office to give you the best experience possible.

My approach isn’t like the big box therapy clinics you see everywhere. You won’t be ignored or shuffled away to work with an intern or tech.

Each appointment is tailored to your needs. You work directly with me, a Doctor of Physical Therapy for the entire session.

Corporate Wellness Seminars

Corporate Wellness Advisors was started by Physical Therapists who specialize in on site Physical Therapy, workplace injury prevention seminars, and ergonomic consulting.  Our focus is on reducing MSD or Musculoskeletal Disorders, resulting in decreased lost time, improved employee wellness, decreased comp claims, and improved performance and employee productivity.  

Our highly trained Physical Therapists perform a comprehensive and systematic MSD risk analysis to identify the risks that are leading to high MSD claims and costs for your company.  Licensed Physical Therapists work with managers and team leaders to eliminate these ergonomic, administrative, and individual risk factors by creating an MSD Prevention Action Plan and employee training seminars.

Developed after 40 years of practice by skilled Physical Therapists, our “No-Lost-Time” Back School, Neck-Arm School, Office Ergonomics School, and Aging Worker School have reduced ‘lost work days’ caused by MSD claims by over 70% on average.  

We believe that reducing MSD claims in the workplace is best done through education and demonstration by partnering with employers to provide ongoing training and support.  The data is clear: when employers recognize the value in regular, systematic education for MSD prevention, injury claims are reduced significantly and lost time dramatically decreases.  

Our goal is to enhance human performance in a consistent and predictable way.  Explore the training seminars and workplace injury prevention solutions provided by the team at Corporate Wellness Advisors.  

On-Site Treatments & Pre-Placement Screening

Corporate Wellness Advisors also provides an on-site Physical Therapy clinic to treat injured workers, decreasing lost time and improving employee productivity.  Pre-placement screening is also available to screen new hires and to provide them with MSD prevention strategies on an individual basis.

Are You Interested in Improving Employee Satisfaction by Decreasing Workplace Injuries and Risk Factors?

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Interested in having an ergonomic trained Physical Therapist perform a risk assessment for your workplace?  Contact our office for more information.